India has always been the preferred outsourcing location for most global organizations. This is because call centers in India offers a wide variety of advantages that other countries normally do not offer.

Currently, having call centers in India has become the norm for several global companies. India has been able to effectively meet the growing international demand for call center outsourcing services by giving cost-effective services and consumer-oriented call centers.

There are several international organizations that are also setting up call centers in India due to the large number or qualified workforce and cost-effective call center outsourcing services.

The Workforce and Specialized Outsourcing Services

Probably one of the reasons why many organizations choose India as an outsourcing location is the workforce. The call centers in India contain a large number of competent, trained, IT literate, experienced and skilled professionals. Additionally, India also has the largest English-speaking population after the United States.

The large and well-educated workforce in India has also been one of the main advantages India has over other countries. The increasing number of college graduates and successful training industries help India in continuing with the production of well-educated and tech-savvy workforce. All these factors ensure that Indias resources will keep on increasing year after year.

The large manpower India has is also willing to work for a lesser price. Normally in a call center operation, the manpower accounts for 55 to 60 percent of the total cost. However in India, the manpower is available at a fraction of the cost overseas.

The initial investment in training and infrastructure is expensive making a person believe that the promise of reducing the cost is false. However, the fact that several global giants still set up call centers in India is proof enough.

Aside from the workforce, current call centers in India also have experience in offering a variety of call center outsourcing services, including outbound telemarketing services, CATI services, inbound call center services, technical helpdesk services, email support services, chat support services and disaster recovery services amongst others.

They can also provide a host of IT-enabled services, such as: helpdesk services, transaction processing services, accounting services, remote network management and end-to-end processing.

Expert product solutions, like risk modeling, actuarial services, underwriting variation analysis, and data mining are also available.

It is evident that call centers in India have state-of-the-art technology, people, resources, operational expertise and processes all utilized to provide specialized outsourcing services.

Time Zone Advantages and Cost-effective Call Center Services

Another reason why several global organizations outsource call centers to India is because of its time zone advantages. The twelve hour time difference in India enables organizations worldwide to provide customers with 24/7/365 days services. By taking advantage of the time difference in India, companies in the United States are able to ensure that their customers receive round-the-clock customer support.

An important factor in outsourcing call centers is the cost-effectiveness. Call centers in India offer cost-effect services for customer support without compromising the quality. With the low cost of manpower available, call centers in the country have been able to provide high-quality services at a cost which is more than 50% less if performed in the United Kingdom or United States. These reasons have encouraged several companies around the globe to outsource call centers in India since they can access quality services at reasonable prices.

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